Throughout the year we will have leagues with different divisions. This will be the primary way our club meets and competes. In each league, club members earn points for each round they play in. Player totals add up over the course of that league. 

Summer League


  • Earn points for each separate league day. 
  • Free to play. Club membership required to be included in standings.
  • Open division on Thursday/Saturday are optional pay to play. $20 per weekly league day for the entire spring league. (Ex: $20 for Saturday for the entire league. Does not cover Thursday league.) Only rounds played after you have paid will could towards your payout points. You do not need to pay to play in these MPO divisions. If you don’t, you just won’t be eligible to win cash. Click on this link to pay!
  • Divisions: Open, 40+, Intermediate, Recreational, Women, Junior
  • Every Monday at Westover Park 
  • Start time at 5:30pm
  • June 28 – September 13
  • Every Thursday at Kiwanis DGC (Staunton) 
  • Flex start from 5:15-5:45pm
  • June 24 – September 9
  • Every Saturday (Varying Locations)
  • Start time at 10am
  • June 26 – September 11